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Joyce R. Kasprzak, Executive Director 

Home Based Arts USA began in 1994 with the mission of creating education programs and products to enrich the lives of children, especially minority and at-risk youth. The focus of the organization has always been to increase children's investment in their community by making them aware of the rich and valuable history of Dayton and the Miami Valley and now topics of interest throughout the nation. Through the Children’s Historical Publishing division our current programs are the development of Learning Activity Books and music that are of historical and cultural in nature to serve as both a learning tool and to help bridge the gap in social issues. . The work of HBA can be seen in such places as your local bookstore to museums nationwide. The President of the United States and dignitaries from around the world have witnessed our achievements.

William Bell, Joyce Kasprzak, Dayton Ohio Mayor Rhine McClin

2004 International Training Conference: Canadia Consul General Delvecchio (center) with William Bell,Joyce Kasprzak, Dayton Mayor Rhine McLin,Toni Bell and State Senator Tom Roberts

Here are a few of the hallmarks you've made possible:

  • HBA singing sensation, Andre Peterson, performed in front of President Bush in 1999.

  • Also in 1999, Founder William Bell composed the anthem for the annual Dayton Area Cancer Survivor Day Celebration.

  • In 2000, HBA performed "A Child's Song of Peace" for the world's dignitaries at the Fifth Anniversary of the Dayton Peace Accord.

  • Singer Peterson sang "The Star Spangled Banner" at the opening day ceremonies for the Dayton Dragons Baseball Team

  • The United Nations Volunteers selected Founder Bell's song, "To Be a Volunteer" to be included on it's CD in honor of the UN International Year of Volunteers 2001.

  • In 2003, HBA was featured with John Glenn during the Centennial Flight Celebration and the 100th Anniversary of Manned Flight at the U.S. Air & Trade.

  • For the first time in history, a model replica of the Wright B Flyer, created by HBA and Sinclair Community College, rode through space aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery in 2005.

Moments in History of Home Based Arts

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